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HEALTH COMPONENT (Combating HIV/AIDS on major roads)

With funding from the European Union and CEMAC, administered by Enviro-Protect, WESDE, within the framework of the implementation of the ROAD SAFETY PROGRAMME ALONG THE DOUALA-BANGUI AND DOUALA-NDJAMENA CORRIDORS (CEMAC Project), has carried out activities in several sites, namely Guidjiba-Gong-Gouna-Garoua centre-Garoua goods station-Pitoa-Sorawel-Figuil-Magada-Moutourwa-Salak bus station-Carrefour Gaklé-Carrefour Para. This project to support road safety by raising awareness of STI/HIV/AIDS, protecting the road environment and ensuring compliance with the CEMAC community road code on the Douala-Bangui and Douala-Ndjamena corridors is one of the social components of FASTRAC (Facilitation of Transport in Central Africa), approved by the CEMAC Heads of State.
It aims to strengthen trade in goods, services and capital between CEMAC member countries and improve their access to world markets.
It is part of an effort by several donors, notably the European Union, to improve transport infrastructure in a safe context where the health of corridor users and local residents is taken into account through the prevention of road accidents, the integration of environmental aspects, the sustainability of road infrastructure and the consideration of STI/HIV/AIDS issues.

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