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The Environmental Management Centre WESDE (which stands for Water Energy and Sanitation for Development) is an environmental and sustainable development NGO whose activities fall under three main components: Component :

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), Component

Promotion and Popularization of Renewable Energies (PVER), Component

Multisectoral Sanitation (ASMU), divided into 3 sections: ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH, EDUCATION.

WESDE: Taking Leadership in Water Energy and Sanitation in Cameroon

Enhance local opportunities and potential for sustainable self-development by providing them with the necessary expertise to develop the capacities of individuals so that they take charge of their health and care about their environment, based on 7 main areas :


Capacity building of actors involved in the protection and rational management of the environment and natural resources;

Promotion and extension of reforestation, renewable energies and bio energies as alternatives to firewood;

Studies and research-action on the Integrated Water Resources; Management

Community care of children from 0 to 18 children on 5 components (health, educational/school, nutritional, psychosocial, legal)

Contribution to the management of neglected tropical diseases (Noma, etc.);

Production and dissemination of tools and media for environmental information, education, communication and awareness for behavior change;

Promotion of methods and strategies for adaptation and mitigation to climate change

Our partners

WESDE: Taking Leadership in Water Energy and Sanitation in Cameroon

While improving significantly the sanitation, hygiene and housing conditions of disadvantaged populations, we aim to reduce the percentage of the population that does not have sustainable access to a drinking water supply. We also want to train and educate people to sustainable management of water resources and the protection of the environment, trying to reverse the current trend of loss of environmental resources. In order to do so, we seek to cooperate with national and international organizations, develop and maintain partnership, exchange and learning relationships. Last but not least, one of our objectives is to accompany the community in the fight against HIV / AIDS in order to stop its spread and reverse the current trend

About Joseph Ndongbou

International Advocacy (Canada) & Legal Advisor

I hold a bachelor’s degree in law in Comparative evaluation of studies carried out outside Quebec – Immigration, diversity and inclusion and a certificate of college studies in legal techniques. Bilingual, I have more than 15 years of experience as a judicial officer and I am recognized for my expertise in drafting.