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The African Development Bank
and the water and sanitation sector

This primer is a resource for civil society organisations active in the water and sanitation
The purpose of the primer is to deepen understanding of the African Development Bank
(AfDB) at a time when its work in the sector is expanding. We hope this knowledge will
enable civil society to engage with the AfDB from a more informed position.
The primer is a compilation of material from many sources. All materials are referenced.
The primer has been checked for accuracy by staff of the AfDB. We would like to thank
the Bank for this contribution.
The primer was jointly written in 2007 by the following organisations:
• Freshwater Action Network (FAN)
• African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation (ANEW)
• Uganda Water and Sanitation Network (UWASNET), Uganda
• Relais pour le développement urbain participé (ENDA RUP), Senegal
• South Africa Water Caucus, South Africa
• Arab Office for Youth and Environment (AOYE), Egypt
• Water Energy and Sanitation for Development (WESDE), Cameroon
• WaterAid

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